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For colleges and universities seeking to broaden their reach and build or expand their online presence, Capital Education offers a financially attractive, minimal risk solution for launching, expanding, and/or operating a high-quality online learning program

This is enabled by our:

  • Leading-edge learning management technology
  • Proven expertise in online course development
  • Ability to support you throughout the college education life cycle, from prospect marketing and recruiting to ongoing student support through program completion

Capital Education is a full-service provider of online learning programs

We support our partner colleges throughout every phase of the online program development process. Our commitment to your success is backed by our willingness to absorb online program setup costs, and our focus on providing an end-to-end, outcome-based solution.

Our partnership model ensures that we work hand-in-hand with colleges to efficiently and effectively market their programs, recruit applicants, deliver an enhanced online learning experience, and ensure students complete their programs and attain their degrees.

We recognize that many college students must balance full-time careers along with educational goals. Capital Education offers easy-to-use tools that enable time-constrained students to have an efficient, yet engaging, online learning experience.

Our leading-edge technology, course development experience, marketing expertise, and student support – in combination with content from your esteemed faculty – can help you attract and retain a broader student population for your programs.