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Marketing online degree or certification programs requires a unique approach versus promoting campus-based college programs. Customer demographics and preferences can be vastly different, and it's possible to target a more geographically expansive area using broader-reach marketing vehicles.

Our marketing team has extensive experience and proven success in marketing online educational programs. They work closely with colleges to identify key brand messages and develop a customized marketing approach.

Recruiting and Enrollment

The success of any education program — online or otherwise — depends on growing student enrollment. Often institutions lack the resources to field a full team of professional recruiters to support the enrollment process. Our trained team of recruiters can supplement your team to help prospective students make informed decisions about your college, mission, policies, and processes.

We work closely with college admissions officers to align objectives, enrollment goals, and messages. Our high-touch, client-focused service, plus lead tracking technology and processes ensure that all prospective students are carefully stewarded through the recruitment process; however, unlike many other organizations, we do not employ high-pressure tactics to recruit these students. Our recruiting ethics are, and will always be, aligned to your college recruiting policies.

At various mutually-agreed-upon points in the process, we present students to your admissions committee for interim and final decision making, thus ensuring that you have complete visibility into and control of admissions decisions.