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The people of CapEd have the experience, expertise, and knowledge required to bring a post-traditional learning experience from concept to reality. From strategy development through program delivery, our leadership team brings deep expertise to every partnership we establish with colleges and universities or businesses.

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Angela Serafini

Vice President, Enrollment Services

“It means a great deal to me to contribute to the success of educational institutions – and to have a positive impact on students realizing a dream of furthering their education.”

My name is Angela Serafini. As Vice President of Enrollment Services for Capital Education, I am charged with leading the enrollment and marketing teams and driving growth for our partner institutions. My role is to facilitate successful partnerships with our clients and assist them in attaining their goals.

Throughout my decade-long career, I have strived to achieve three things. First, to be a top performer who offers results-oriented solutions. Second, to consistently think outside of the box, quickly adapting to change in order to obtain winning outcomes. And third, to be an excellent communicator who fosters strong relationships with administrations, campus teams and students alike. I believe my experience across many sectors of higher education help me keep an open mind and make thoughtful decisions based on getting information from diverse sources and points of view.

Some interesting random information: My undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice, and I grew up shooting in archery competitions. Coincidence?

To see more about my education, achievements and career path, please click here.

Robert Soulliere Jr Vice President of Academic Services and Learning tech. at Capital Education

Robert H. Soulliere, Jr.

Vice President, Academic Services & Learning Technology

“I look forward every day to helping open up the world of teaching online for faculties around the country, so that they can reach more students and change more lives.”

 As Capital Education’s Vice President for Academic Services and Learning Technologies, the most rewarding part of my job is working with the faculty in our partner institutions. They are the ‘secret sauce’ that makes an institution successful. I see my role as helping faculty get excited to teach online, making them comfortable with online teaching and helping them discover new ways to share their expertise. My mission here at CapEd is to support partner institutions who have the passion, but perhaps not the technological expertise to accomplish their goals for online higher education. Before joining CapEd, I spent a decade building bridges between faculty and technology folks. When ‘us’ and ‘them’ become ‘we’, everyone benefits – online teaching and learning, as well as educational technology.

And now for something completely different: I have mad puppet skills, and I’ve written 2 plays that were performed at my college. Plus, I completed an entire master’s degree in 11 months.

If you’re interested in learning more details about my quirks and career, click here. You may be surprised!

Jenny Fawbush

Vice President, Client Services

“I didn’t so much choose a career in education. Rather, in retrospect, I believe it chose me.”

Hello, I’m Jenny Fawbush.  As Capital Education’s Vice President for Client Services, I set strategy for the overall institutional partnership. This includes assessing client needs and addressing issues and opportunities for the overall development of a mutually beneficial partnership.

From an early age, I was taught the importance of learning.  I have a younger sister with special needs and a son who is on the autism spectrum. Their unique needs give extra meaning to the work I do to eliminate unnecessary hurdles and facilitate the education process to help students achieve their goals in school and in their future careers. As both a former teacher and a current student (I’m a Doctoral Candidate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology) I’ve gained a depth of understanding from both sides of the higher education world. My personal and professional experiences have profoundly affected me in unexpected ways and revealed strengths I never realized I had.

A bit more about me: Born and raised in Indiana, I moved to Belgium with my family where I spent my junior and senior years at an international school. Quite a change for this Hoosier!

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Tammy Shelton

Vice President, Business Development

“Helping traditional higher education institutions serve students better – particularly non-traditional students – isn’t just a vocation. It’s my mission.”

My name is Tammy Shelton. As the Vice President of Business Development for Capital Education, I lead a team focused on developing business and strategic relationships for our clients with employees and constituents within the client geographic region.

My more than 20 years of experience in adult education has its roots in my student days. As President of the University of Texas Honor Society, I discovered that I really enjoyed working with students. So, after graduation, I began working in admissions at Austin Business College. I fell in love with the amazing adult students there, and I’ve never looked back. Since then, I‘ve followed my head and heart through various admissions, marketing, and academic opportunities including serving as the Vice Provost at a Liberal Arts University to find my calling here at CapEd.  It’s also my honor to serve as the former National Chair for The Council for Accelerated Programs and board member of The Texas Women in Higher Education. To me, education has always been a lifelong commitment, which is why I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate from Concordia University.

Fun Fact about me: I was one of Austin’s first female night club DJs, and I play keyboard and sing in bands around town.

To see my complete resume, click here.

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