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The growing popularity of online programs is giving institutions of higher education opportunities to serve more students than ever before. According to The Sloan Consortium, schools are experiencing strong demand for online programs. Online enrollment grew in 2009 by 17%, compared to 1.2% growth in traditional programs.

Growth trends over the next few years are projected to be dramatic:

eLearning Growth 2009 2014 % increase
Students taking all courses online 1.25MM 3.55MM 284%
Students taking some courses online 10.65MM 18.65MM 175%

MM = millions
Source: Ambient Insight

With over 20 million students expected to take online courses, how many of them will be yours?

Be prepared for the next wave of growth in virtual learning. CapEd’s end-to-end services can take your online education program to the next level. Converting a college course into an online experience is a complex process requiring expertise in pedagogy, technology, instructional design, and course development. Capital Education enables higher education institutions to launch and/or expand their online programs through:

A Minimal Risk Model

We cover initial course and program development fees, so there is little investment required to launch an online program. Further, we link our compensation directly to tuition fees, thereby aligning our incentives fully with your program’s success. We are not just a technology provider but a true partner committed to your success throughout every step of the process.

High-Quality, Engaging Courses

We work closely with your faculty members to design online courses that meet students’ high expectations while maintaining the academic integrity of your institution. Our courses integrate multimedia elements such as text, videos, animations, and discussion threads to create an immersive learning experience for students. Students work in a collaborative learning environment and can participate in virtual discussions with their classmates and instructors.

Customized Learning Environment

At CapEd, we specialize in building unique learning environments consistent with the mission, values, and goals of our partner colleges. Our Virtual Campus learning management platform includes interactive features such as discussion boards and blogs that boost student engagement and foster a thriving learning community.

Marketing and Student Recruitment

Capital Education’s marketing team develops a customized marketing plan reflecting your college’s brand, values, and goals. Our professional recruiting team works closely with your college admissions team to assist candidates throughout the decision making and enrollment process.

Retention Expertise

Our courses and Learning Management System provide many opportunities to network, chat, discuss, and blog with other students—creating a sense of classroom community, resulting in higher retention. Additionally, we actively manage student retention by flagging at-risk students for early intervention. Finally, we provide 24x7 tech support and assist with student support—the key ingredient of a learning experience designed to help students succeed.

An Experienced Leadership Team

Capital Education’s team includes people with extensive administrative experience at colleges and universities, online learning expertise, and deep knowledge of technology, applications, and infrastructure management—all essential ingredients for launching and managing successful online academic programs.