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Every CapEd academic partner has different goals, opportunities, and challenges. For those who want to take advantage of our comprehensive end-to-end development capability, we apply the following solutions model to meet this challenge.

Other partners, however, may only have a need that taps into one or two of our service lines, rather than the complete model. In those cases, CapEd has the flexibility to serve up our menu with just the right solutions for a customized experience.

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Collaboration & Strategy Development

Readiness Assessment/Change Management Consulting

CapEd functional area expert consultants meet with the partner’s faculty, administrative, and support service groups to assess institutional competencies and gaps in preparedness to thrive in the post-traditional market.

Market Assessment

CapEd presents an analysis of the higher-education post-traditional landscape from a national and regional perspective. We also assess and inform the competitive environment for the partner’s proposed program mix, targeted audience segments, and location strategy.

Accreditation Preparation and Review

The CapEd Executive Team provides collaborative assistance to the partner in preparing resources for programmatic regional, and professional accreditation review.

Program Mix

A mix of undergraduate and graduate programs is identified by CapEd, to leverage the strengths of a variety of academic disciplines, developing programs that promote curricular efficiency, laddering of progressive degree attainment opportunities, and demonstrate sensitivity to market opportunities.

Systems Review and Assessment

CapEd evaluates and maps the student experience through the partner’s systems and develops a solutions program to serve for consultative intervention. Documented policies and procedures are intentionally systemized to efficiently scale with the institution’s online growth requiring subsets of existing resources at launch and benchmarks to indicate additional resources as growth demands.

Business Operations Consulting

CapEd provides resources such as modeling tools, training and peer collaboration opportunities, and consulting services to the partner, to optimize infrastructure and systems. We review existing policies or help the partner develop new policies to ensure strategic life cycle management.

Financial Modeling

CapEd develops a customized modeling tool, reflecting mutual enrollment and program development goals, anticipated resource allocations, and project revenue expectations.

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Academic Services

Program Design

CapEd Academic Services provides detailed recommendations of industry standards and competitive features of post-traditional program design. We also engage with partner faculty and program administrators to develop online, face-to-face and hybrid programs that are aligned with college and program outcomes attainment standards, competitive advantage of comparable regional college offerings, and employment market standards.

Curriculum/Course Development Support

CapEd’s Instructional Design team provides course development services to each partner’s faculty Subject Matter Expert (SME) in developing master courses in the Virtual Campus learning management system. SMEs will utilize a customized tool to communicate the course design to the instructional designer who will in turn provide resources and recommendations to assist the SME in optimizing the expression of course outcomes and the student experience. The Instructional Designer will build the master course into the Virtual Campus as guided by the partner’s SME and approved by the partner’s program director.

Policy Infrastructure Consulting

CapEd assists the partner in developing policies and service infrastructure to align and complement the program set. Institutional policy aligned cleanly to support post-traditional education initiatives is a critical strategy component in establishing the college as a competitive force in educating this specific population of students.

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Awareness & Positioning: An integrated marketing strategy is developed and implemented by CapEd to drive enrollment for the partner’s programs. This includes assessment and consultation of the college’s brand expression and market responsiveness. A brand-consistent, customized creative expression, positioning, and messaging strategy is developed to enhance awareness and campaign response rates.

Business Development/Relationship Marketing

CapEd business development professionals will establish relationships and build partnerships with key private and public entities aligned with the partner’s program offerings.

Lead Generation & Qualification

CapEd drives leads to the enrollment funnel through customized microsite and landing pages. Lead traffic is qualified with basic program qualification factors prior to directing them into the admissions engagement strategy.

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Student Acquisition

CapEd admissions professionals engage prospective students in a consultative sales process designed to match high-quality candidates with partnership programs. The admissions team guides prospective students through the process of preparing a full admission application portfolio for review and acceptance by the partner.

Term-to-Term Persistence Support

Progressive program design and policy are critical in creating an unobstructed path for student persistence toward graduation. However, additional communication and intervention strategies are deployed by CapEd to proactively encourage student progress. Persistence strategies are coordinated and executed by CapEd in collaboration with the partner’s other student support functions to ensure clear and direct communication to students.

Student Lifecycle Management

The CapEd Service Team will deliver a student engagement strategy for the partner, from the point of initial inquiry through graduation. Active lifecycle management is intended to create strong ties to the partner’s college experience, and encourages active alumni support, cultivating the opportunity to continue to build academic credentials through the college’s program offerings. Example: Earn an undergraduate degree and return for a graduate program or additional professional certificate.

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Virtual Campus 2.0 Learning Management System

CapEd will provide the partner with a separate instance of our customized version of Canvas by Instructure to deliver the high-quality course experiences designed and built by the SME/Instructional Design teams.

Technical Support Services

CapEd provides technical support services for students and faculty participating in Virtual Campus coursework.

Faculty Development & Facilitation Support

CapEd provides faculty development programming to support engaging, online course design and development, online certification and delivery support, and content and master course consultation.

Faculty Recruitment & Training

CapEd will facilitate and support access to part-time/adjunct content and online facilitation experts that have been trained and certified through the CapEd faculty training approach.

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