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A unique approach to post-traditional learning.

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We don't deliver courses off the shelf. Instead, we'll partner with you on a journey that belongs only to you.

How We're Different

Learning should be a transformative journey, filled with unique discoveries and rewards. Online learning is no exception, which is why CapEd does things differently. We don’t deliver educational resources off the shelf. Instead, we’ll partner with you on a journey that belongs only to you.

Our consultative approach helps us thoroughly understand your aspirations, opportunities, and challenges. We will passionately invest in customized solutions that reflect your vision and achieve your goals. Most important, we’ll help you inspire your students to dream bigger dreams and achieve extraordinary success.

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For Colleges & Universities

The CapEd mission is to help institutions be more successful serving the post-traditional learner. We are inspired by organizations willing to embrace change and adapt their vision. Our collaboration will help your institution preserve its uniqueness, build a stronger financial future, and elevate your achievements in higher education.

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Bringing Deep Expertise

Our CapEd Leadership Team

We have a unique perspective gleaned from our team's 100+ years of higher-education experience. Let our cumulative knowledge help you achieve your goals.

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